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New Sales Tax Rules – Read This If You Sell Goods Online

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Physical Presence is Dead: New Internet Sales Tax Rules If you’re an online shopper, you may have realized that if you are purchasing goods from […]

What is GDPR and How Does It Impact Your Business?

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What is GDPR and How Does It Impact Your Business? The internet has not only changed the way we communicate and handle everyday tasks but […]

Music Copyright Law 101

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Music Copyright Basics The law behind music copyrights is almost as difficult as creating good music. Whether you are an artist, musician, producer, manager, or […]

This Could Kill Your Business – Trademark Basics 101

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What’s the Worst That Could Happen if You Don’t Trademark Your Brand Name? 1. If you start selling a good or service without owning the […]

The Infringing Bean: A Case Study in Art Copyrights


A giant bean made it to the international intellectual property scene. The design at issue is referred to as “the bean” because of its shape. […]

Copyright Protection in the 2016 Presidential Election

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As the 2016 United States presidential election nears, the Republican Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, was duly reminded of crucial elements in U.S. copyright law. In […]

BigWigs and Breast Cancer Awareness


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and South Florida is busy with events and campaigns designed to bring attention and funding to help fight this […]

Copyright Protection for Fashion Designers

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DESIGN PROTECTION IN THE MODERN AGE Design plagiarism is not just a nuisance encountered by companies operating in the high-end fashion businesses, but by the […]

10 Contract Red Flags: the Dangers of Not Paying Attention

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Drafting contracts for freelancers often requires a delicate balance of terms, which both protect you and your intellectual property but are not overly onerous to […]

Even Apple Has to Keep an Eye on its Trademarks; What About You?

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Apple’s Court Battle Turns Rotten over Chinese iPhone Trademark The company Apple, who most investors will say is the most valuable brand in the world […]