by | Mar 11, 2019 | Team Members

With a knack for the creative and an entrepreneurial attitude, Christopher DiSchino specializes in corporate counsel and intellectual property law. Assisting both private clients and corporate entities, he has helped numerous organizations establish and expand domestically and abroad. His diverse experience allows him to create value for his clients by using resourceful techniques to minimize unnecessary costs and risks. Prior to founding DiSchino & Company (now DiSchino & Schamy, PLLC), Christopher has worked in the fashion, hospitality and non-profit industries. Exposure to a fast-paced, international environment provided him with an intimate understanding of the business climate in which his clients operate, as well as a knowledge-base that extends far beyond the legal field. Christopher’s domestic client base consists of artists, designers, entrepreneurs and established businesses. His international practice focuses on inbound foreign investment in the United States for individuals, foreign businesses and multi-national corporations. Christopher also handles private securities transactions, mergers and acquisitions, and the restructuring of privately-held companies. Christopher has passion for giving back to the community. While still in college, his zeal for philanthropy led him to co-found The Paradise Fund—a nationally recognized, non-profit organization with headquarters in Palm Beach, Florida and branches in both Miami, Florida and New York City. Through The Paradise Fund, Christopher is dedicated to serving the needs of underprivileged children both locally and abroad. Christopher also sits on several boards and committees of charitable organizations across South Florida. Christopher grew up transatlantic, between Palm Beach, Florida and Rome, Italy. Traveling extensively fueled his passion for art, music, languages and foreign culture. He is fluent in four languages: Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and English, and is currently learning French