Branding and design for modern businesses is as much a legal process as it is creative. Our firm’s goal is to help secure your portfolio of intellectual property and processes. We routinely participate in our clients branding process and advise our clients on domestic and international trademark application and registration, copyright protection, trade dress and trade secrets, technology transfers and licensing agreements. In this regard, we monitor and enforce our clients’ intellectual property rights across the globe.

For the established client looking to expand. Our team draws on relevant, in-the-field experience to provide indepth counseling on brand development, marketing and distribution practices, as well as guidance on partnerships, collaborations and new product development.

In cases of intellectual property disputes, we vigorously defend our clients’ rights in infringement actions, trademark oppositions, due diligence matters and in all areas of commercial transactions. Whether you’re a multinational corporation or the individual owner of an innovative work, we fight to protect your creative edge.

Some of our most common intellectual property services, include:

  • Trademark, copyright and patent filings
  • Defense and prosecution of appeals, oppositions and cancellation proceedings
  • Intellectual property monitoring and enforcement
  • Licensing and collaboration agreements
  • Franchise agreements
  • Domain name protection
  • Trade secret protection